English/Spanish to German interpreter in Graz

You have scheduled a meeting with a German-speaking business partner, but neither of you can speak each other’s language well enough to negotiate a complicated contract. What can you do to make sure this important deal doesn’t fail due to a simple misunderstanding? Hire a professional interpreter to express your message in an accurate and culturally appropriate way!

As an interpreter, I facilitate communication at international conferences as well as in business negotiations. Additionally, I can help you bridge language barriers if you need to see a doctor in Austria or require assistance in any other kind of public service encounter.

I provide all standard interpreting modes in German, English and Spanish:

Consecutive interpreting

In this mode of interpreting, the interpreter listens to an entire speech, or at least to a significant part of it, and then conveys its meaning in another language. The passages that are translated in this way can range from just a few sentences, e.g. in conversations or business meetings, to speeches of up to five minutes in length.

Simultaneous interpreting

In this interpreting mode, a speaker’s message is rendered into another language, while he or she is still talking. The interpreters are seated in soundproof booths and listen to the speeches through headphones. This mode of interpreting is less time-consuming than the consecutive mode, but it requires the use of special equipment (booths, headphones, microphones). Because of this, it is most suitable for international conferences and other large events.

Whispered interpreting

This is a form of simultaneous interpreting that doesn’t require any sound equipment. The interpreter sits next to or behind the persons who require his/her services and whispers his/her interpretation to them. However, this interpreting mode can only be used if no more than two or three people require interpreting services.

Do you need some advice on which of these interpreting modes best suits your needs? Don’t hesitate to contact me!

How much do interpreting services cost?