Expert legal and business translator

Translating is not just about transferring words from one language to another. On the contrary, this task requires an excellent command of two languages as well as a deep understanding of their cultural context and an extensive background knowledge in specialized subject areas. In legal translations, for example, even a minor imprecision can have serious consequences. Because of this, a translator working in this field has to be well-versed in the different legal systems of the countries of his or her working languages.

Legal and financial texts are very complicated to understand for most people, even in their native language. So, just as you would ask an attorney to draft your legal documents, you should hire a professional linguist to accurately convey their meaning in another language.

As a professional translator with a master’s degree in Translation Studies, I can make language work for you. I can provide you with first-class English/Spanish-to-German translations that will help you achieve your goals in the international marketplace.

Language combinations

  • English to German
  • Spanish to German

Fields of specialization

Legal translation

e.g. contracts, general terms and conditions, confidentiality agreements and other legal documents


e.g. business correspondence, annual accounts, and other financial and economic texts

In addition to these fields of specialization, I also have some experience in website localization and in translating texts related to the environment and renewable energies.

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