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Spelling or grammatical errors can often have serious consequences: If they occur in a company brochure or on a website, they can damage the company’s reputation as they may be seen as a sign of carelessness. Similarly, a large number of mistakes in a bachelor’s or master’s thesis can ultimately lead to a lower grade. Because of this, it is always a good idea to hire a professional proofreader to make sure you publish or submit error-free texts. This is especially true if German is not your first language.

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The quality of a text does not just depend on correct spelling and punctuation, but also on factors such as clarity, consistency and the use of the appropriate tone for the particular audience. If your text is structured in a clear and logical way, it will be easy for your readers to follow your line of reasoning.

Additionally, language is not used in the same way in all circumstances. Marketing texts, for example, usually aim at evoking emotions in the readers and contain many adjectives. However, what sounds great in advertising copy would be completely out of place in an academic paper. Because of this, you should rely on a professional editor to make sure your writing is clear, fluent and uses the appropriate language style for the specific situation.

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